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Burgundy Latigo belt Tapered Domed And Embossed Golf Club Conchos Medium Brown English bridle belt Tapered Domed And Embossed Golf Ball Conchos American Made chestnut Show Harness agitation dog collar with handle and d ring

Quality Leather Belts, Made in the USA

Welcome to Orion Leather Company, where you will find a wide selection of leather belts that are handcrafted in the USA. We are proud to always offer high quality, full grain leather in all of our products so you know that you're getting a long-lasting product. Don't be fooled by low quality, two piece belts that will fall apart in a matter of months. Orion's American made belts are constructed from one piece of leather for serious durability that will last for years.

We offer many options of styles, colors, textures and leathers. Leather types include Bridle, Latigo, Harness and Saddle leather in a range of natural leather colors so you will find exactly what you're looking for. We are constantly adding new products and styles, so be sure to check back regularly. And of course, customer service is our number one priority. Feel free to contact us any time with any questions or inquiries.

Top Sellers

40mm Tan Leather Belt With Natural Edge
Factory Price $53.05
1 1/2 Natural Harness Leather Belt Stiched
Factory Price $61.15
35mm Tan Leather Belt With Natural Edge
Factory Price $49.45

New Products

Olive Belt 1" Gold Buckle Set
Factory Price $54.85
Women's 30mm Mahogany Leather Fashion Belt
Factory Price $72.55
Stitched Camel Belt 1 1/8 Cream Stitching
Factory Price $79.45
Olive Double Layer Belt
Factory Price $123.95
Stitched Gray Belt 1" Buckle Set
Factory Price $67.45

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